§ tag: debian

  1. convert ape to ogg with split via cue
  2. convert flac to ogg
  3. add ubuntu ppa repositories in debian
  4. convert album flac to ogg with split via cue
  5. set up wifi access point on linux
  6. automatic mount usb on linux
  7. convert isowv to ogg with split via cue
  8. add multimedia repository on debian
  9. install openfire on debian wheezy
  10. autologin tty on linux
  11. install tor on linux
  12. install binary java7 on debian wheezy
  13. performance memory tuning on debian
  14. install nginx with ngx_pagespeed and ngx_http_spdy_module on debian wheezy
  15. configure protection from ddos flood and slowloris attack on apache server
  16. configure dkim and spf for exim on production mailter